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Hello toddler two families, Miss Shelby and Miss Steph hope your all having a wonderful day.

We started our day playing outside with our toddler one friends, while outside the children were excited to see the horses in the next doors Paddock with Dominic, Grace, Luca and Parker standing at the fence watching the horses. Grace was using her words to say ‘’horse, nay, nay’’. Everly was busy climbing on the climbing frame, netting and going up and down the slide.

Miss Shelby brought some Easter books to share with everyone so after morning tea we joined her for group time to read the stories. While reading the Spots for Easter and Pepper Pigs Easter Luca was really engaged in the both the books as he sat down with Miss Shelby using his words to tell her what he could see in the books, he opened the flap in the Spot’s First Easter book and said ‘’ oh look there is a bunny’’, He also said bird as he pointed to the bird and egg and he pointed to the Easter eggs on the page. Parker came over to join in where he recognised and pointed to the tree in the story Spots first Easter and Dominic joined in where he pointed to what he could see in the book.

Today we continued with our Easter basket decorating, Miss Shelby brought in some Easter foam pieces for the children to decorate their baskets. Parker and Everly painted their Easter basket today with different coloured paint, once the paint is dry, they will then decorate the basket with the Easter foam pieces. Dominic, Luca and Grace decorated their basket from yesterday with the Easter foam pieces.

At mealtimes it was so lovely hearing everyone use their manners to say please and thank you as well as asking for more food saying ‘’more’’

Sorry no photo’s today as the camera isn’t working

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph