Today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph welcome our friends Alanis, Luca, Willow, Dominic, Parker, Everly, Lachlan and Grace. Miss Danica also joined us for a play today.

While playing outside this morning Miss Steph got out the balls to play with, she emptied the container of balls and the children helped pick up the balls. Both Lachlan and Parker were helping to throw the balls back into the container. Luca was busy riding on the bike with help from Miss Thais pushing him and Willow was having a turn at pushing down the water pump.

We then came inside where the children demonstrated self-help skills and independence through washing their hands, together we then read a wiggles book  about healthy habits ” Scrub, Scrub, Clean! where the children learnt about when and how to wash their hands, flushing the toilet, having a bath, blowing their nose and brushing their teeth correctly. While looking at the pictures in the book Luca recognised and named what he could see in the book by pointing to the apple and saying ”apple”. We also did colour recognition while talking about the colours  of the wiggles – BLUE is Anthony, YELLOW is Emma, PURPLE is Lachlan and RED is Simon, to transition the children to the table for morning tea Miss Shelby did a colour recognition song if your wearing….. colour today. Alanis recognised the colour she was wearing as when Miss Shelby said if your wearing pink today she responded by saying her name ”Alanis”.

When Everly arrived she had some quiet time with a book, Miss Shelby gave her the wiggles book as she loves wiggles and while looking at the book she recognised and named the yellow wiggle saying ” Emma”.

Today we continued with our Jungle theme by making monkeys using the children’s hand prints, Miss Danica one by painted our friends hands with brown paint which we then be created into monkeys and put up in  a jungle area and Miss Shelby set up a jungle exploration and sensory play activity. Everly, Alanis ,Parker, Willow, Dominic and Lachlan helped mix the rice and green food coloring together in the bowl and then Miss Shelby added the green coloured rice onto some trays as well as adding natural materials (rocks, bark, sand and wooden pieces) and animal figures for the children to use their creativity and imagination skills which Willow was interested in exploring.

Miss Steph was playing a game of peek a boo with Alanis and Grace which they both were engaging in with her, Grace used her words to say where is he, his gone” as Lachlan also joined in to hide under the blanket. Miss Steph then incorporate our learning game – Toys peeking out game, this game was to encourage the children to identify a toy by seeing just a part of it. Miss Steph hid a toy underneath the blanket with a little bit of the toy peeking out or she showed the shape of the toys hiding under the blanket and the children were asked what they thought was hiding under the blanket. Alanis found the truck hidden under the blanket, Grace and Lachlan found the ball and Everly found the bear hiding under the blanket.

This started off as a individual experience but then turned into a group game as the children were really engaging in this with Miss Steph.


Miss Shelby, Miss Steph and Miss Danica