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Terrific Tuesday

Hello and welcome to our Tuesday, what a lovely day it has been, and I look forward to you all reading about it.

The day started by the children excitedly stepping outside as they set foot around their playground to start their journey. The sandpit was a hit first thing as they enjoyed sculpting their own sandcastles and digging big holes with the spades. Riding fast but carefully around the bike track and across the rocks to the bark area was enjoyed by a few! So much fun and joy were had outside this morning with lots to do and see!

We then joined together inside on the mat for group time with Miss Gabi. In group time Miss Gabi held up alphabet flash cards and went through them one by one before we sang the ‘ABC’ song. The children showed great listening and interest in learning. As we finished group time, they washed their hands for morning tea.

Soon after they finished their delicious morning tea, they were able to freely roam their room in search of spontaneous play. On the three tables there was Miss Jess with the magnetic letters where they were able to create words and their names on the small boards! At the second table Miss Gabi was there to help the children trace their name and practicing using the pencil grip, lastly but not least at the third table was free drawing with Miss Jinn. It was such a great morning, and all children were engaged and showed willingness to learn!

This afternoon when they woke up and after afternoon tea, they headed outside to finish off what has been a wonderful day.

Thank you for today,

See you all soon

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Jinn xx