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Good afternoon families,

This morning we started our day out in the yard as usual with our friends from Toddler 1 and 2. We are showing great interest in hula-hoops and balls at the moment. We love trying to swing the hoops around and around our bodies which most of us cannot quite do yet, but we are trying! Once all our friends had arrived and we played outside for a little while, we then transitioned inside to our own rooms for morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss Thais lead our group time where we sang our “Good Morning” songs, read a couple of books, and practiced ‘turning on our listening ears’. The children are doing so well with listening, sitting on the mat and following directions.

Today was ‘National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day’ so after group time, Miss Bec made us a digeridoo each out of cardboard, where we then painted it in the Aboriginal colors. We all loved this activity, painting and dotting the paint onto the cardboard. This was a great way to introduce and encourage learning about different cultures with children by acknowledging them.

We then packed away all of our equipment and toys then headed back outside. This time, the children focused on the balancing beam and jumping off it and onto the mats. They are all becoming really good at balancing and jumping at their own pace.

After a play outside we then came back inside where we had lunch and are now asleep resting our bodies.

We hope you are having a good day too!

Love Miss Thais and Miss Bec