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Breezy Tuesday

Welcome families to our day glorious day with your blooming super stars, what a lovely Tuesday it has been and I look forward to you reading all about it♥

When the sun came out more this more and the air felt a bit warmer the children were able to head outside where they let their imagination flow with so many things to do, see and hear! Such as the following:

  • Playing a fun game of hide and seek!
  • Reading with Miss Jess on the veranda. Finely was so intrigued in the farmer book. As we read through the book Miss Jess asked Finley ”Can you see the pig”? Finely then pointed to the pig and said ”Here it is” Miss Jess then asked Finely ”Where do you think the farmer will go?” Finely then said ”In here” as he pointed to the tractor in the book.
  • Riding around the bike track on the bikes
  • Taking the spades and buckets to the bark area to make some delicious food!
  • Climbing through the playground with ease
  • Swinging through the breeze on the swing with their friends and laughing

What a lovely outdoor experience it was this morning. We then came together on the veranda to sing our transition song to washing hands before they sat at the table for morning tea. For morning tea today the children enjoyed a Delicious Apple, Chai and Date Pancakes! When they had finished they packed away and headed to explore their classroom!

Indoor adventure:

  • Building with the large wooden blocks was a favourite! Edward said ”I’m in my fire truck!” ”It’s amazing!” Miss Jade then asked Thomas what he was doing and he replied ”building a fire and roof.”
  • Home corner was another favourite today as they enjoyed making food for one an other and caring for the babies. Mia then gave some ”food” to Peyton and Avery before Mia patted them softly for a ”sleep” as they rolled played.
  • Continuing on from yesterdays art activity for NADIOC WEEK. Miss Jess had more of our friends participate in painting with the sticks or leaves. When Edward had finished his beautiful artwork he said ”I did it!” Wow amazing!” in an excited voice as he showed his artwork to Miss Jess.

We then got ready to head outside for a whirl of adventure and fun before we had lunch and an energised sleep for this afternoons joyful time. For lunch today the children had a yummy Supercharged Spaghetti Bolognese, how amazing!!! The children are LOVING self serving which is great to see!

Thank you for this lovely day♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Jade xx