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Sunshine Tuesday♥

Hello families of the Toddler Two room and welcome to our day here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre. What an adventurous day it has been throughout indoor and outdoor and I look forward to you reading all about it.

This Morning the children started their journey of exploration inside throughout the room. They dived deep into the puzzles as they used great problem solving skills to complete the puzzle! They also enjoyed freely drawing on the paper provided for them to access as well as crayons on the art shelf, they love letting their creativity flow. The children were so happy this morning to roam freely and self select activities of their choice and grabbing what they wanted to engage with out from the shelves such as;

  • Role playing with the puppets
  • Connecting and making different creations with the magnetic connectors.
  •  Building tall towers with the large soft blocks
  • Racing the cars and trucks around on the car mat!

We then helped to tidy the room up before we joined together on the carpet with Miss Jess and Miss Gabi for a group time. In group time today Miss Jess thought as the children were interested in puppets this morning to extend on their interest. The children love this game and often play it with Miss Gabi! They were able to say if they wanted to have a monkey puppet, duck or a person for the crocodile to snatch as it came around. Throughout this game the children were able to learn about numbers as we counted how many we had left after the crocodile gobbled one up. This also enhances on their imagination and role play too! Afterwards Miss Gabi read a book about sea animals today to celebrate “The ocean day”. They were very intrigued in seeing the different sea animals on each page as Miss Gabi flipped it over. As we ended group time we sung our transition song to wash our hands and investigate what tasty nutrient meal we are having for morning tea! The children are great at packing away their  plates ad drink bottles!

For morning tea time today we had a delicious Coconut strawberry bar made with a organic coconut, dates, maple syrup, raw cocoa, sunflower, seeds and coconut oil served with medley of seasonal fresh fruits.

We then applied sunscreen and put our hats on before we headed to the double slide yard to seek what Miss Gabi had set up for us! There were three trays two had  magnetic fish, sea horses, octopus, jelly fish and a shark with fishing roads! They children dived deep and put their fishing skills in action as they carefully fished for them in the sand! In the large tray there was shells, sand and large sea animals! They LOVED this tray too! Throughout their time in the double slide playground the children were able to enjoy a variety of experiences such as;

  • Ball games, throwing and catching, rolling and kicking!
  • Sliding with glee and power down the slide
  • Balancing on the obstacle course
  • Venturing throughout the garden area
  • Dancing to the music they could hear from the babies yard ”Baby Shark”

The time flew by, as we were just having so much joy!!! It was time to head to our classroom where we then got ready for scrumptious lunch!!! PIZZAAAA!!

The children loved this and filled their tummies before they rested their bodies for a fun packed and lovely Tuesday afternoon with all their friends and teachers.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Gabi and Miss Hope xx