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Good afternoon families and friends!

We have been having so much fun all day with our little friends spending our morning outdoors engaging with lots of activities and going on adventures to explore all possibilities of play. Children have been choosing to play outside jumping and crossing the bridge and also had some relaxing time reading some books on the mat.

The children then transitioned indoors as we continued on with learning all about different types of Sea Creatures Animals. We had morning tea and our Good Morning songs. At Group time Dominic, Alia, Alanis, Parker and Lachlan enjoyed listening to Miss Thais read “Top Place Percy” where the children helped Miss Thais to identify the Sea Creatures Animals. “Do you know where they live?” and “Which one is your favourite?” Miss Thais asked them.

Miss Thais prepared a craft experience with some fishes for the children as we prepare to decorate our wall this week…

Other play experiences today included pencil drawing, construction play with the lego, role play with the animals and building towers with the wooden blocks

Our self help focus this week is putting our drink bottles into the trolley to go outside.

We have had a lovely day, and hope to see you all again tomorrow.

Love Miss Thais