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Happy Wednesday everyone!!! hope your all having a wonderful week so far, today Miss She;y and Miss Steph welcome our friends Rania, Lachlan, Alexia, Dominic, Luca, Kezia, Willow Quinn ,Everly and Alanis.

When Miss Shelby arrived this morning she was so amazed and happy to see all the beautiful love heart creations the children did with their families for valentine’s day, thank you for your input and please have a look at your child’s Valentines Art work up on the Valentines Day wall.

This morning we also did some pretend cooking in home-corner with Quinn, Luca, Everly and Alanis engaging with Miss Tania as they showed off their cooking skills. Every was pretending to crack a egg into a container, Alanis was filling up a cup with milk, Luca was pretending to drink from the cup and Quinn was showing off her stirring skills as she was mixing in the fry pan.

Miss Shelby read a book about love for Valentines day – I Love you so much, while looking at the book Alexia saw the stars so she started singing ” twinkle, twinkle, little star” Dominic and Lachlan joined in singing and doing the actions to the songs as Miss Shelby extended on her interest and sang the song at group time. Dominic recognised the plane when Miss Shelby said ” who can see the plan in the sky” he pointed to where it was in the book.

Today Miss Shelby brought the ingredients  to make some cupcakes with the children for Valentines day, the children gathered around to watch Miss Shelby and Miss Steph put the ingredients together in the mixing bowl and then they were each given a turn at mixing the cupcake mixture together in the mixing bowl using the mixing spoon.

Miss Steph then used the electric mixer to completely mix the mixture together, Everly, Luca and Alanis were interested in what she was doing as they came over to watch. Miss Steph also put the mixture into a clear sandwich bag and cut a whole at the end to be able to squeeze the mixture into the cupcake pans. Everyone did a great job at holding onto the bag and squeezing the bag, Kezia used her words to say ” squeeze” while she squeezed the mixture from the bag. Luca pointed his hands up in the air and said ”wow” during this cooking experience.

Tomorrow we will be decorating the cupcakes, we hope to have some of our families come to help us. If you are able to come from 9.30am to 10.30am to please let Miss Shelby or Miss Steph know and we also have a form for you to write down if you are able to attend tomorrow.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph