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Good afternoon families,

Happy Wednesday!!

Today we welcome our new friend Isaiah into our room 🙂

This morning we started our day outside joined by our Toddler 1 friends, climbing, exploring, and riding bikes in the yard. We then transitioned into our own rooms where we washed our hands and had a delicious morning tea which was fruit and a smoothie. YUM!! After morning tea we explored our own interests in the room where we played with lego and magnetic blocks, building and pulling apart cars, buildings and houses! This was so much fun!!

We then saw that our Toddler 1 friends were outside so we decided to join them, playing in the sand where there were different coloured grains of rice, as well as dinosaurs scattered throughout. All the children loved this, fascinated by different colours and textures that they do not usually find in ‘normal’ sand. Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go inside for our lunch and sleep time. We had fish shepherds pie today! We loved it 🙂

We have had another great day with lots of exploring and building. We cannot wait to see what the next two days bring us 🙂

Love, Miss Thais and Miss Bec