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Good afternoon families.
Happy Wednesday

Today we’ve had such a fun day exploring with one another. We started our day out in the playground, building in the sandpit, showcasing our balancing skills as we raced each other round the bike track and relaxing in the chill zone reading books that were chosen by the children.

It was a lovely start to this morning’s journey; we then came inside to start our morning routine. In Group time today Miss Gabi read a story called ‘Dot’’ As today is international dot day. This story was about anyone can do anything no matter how small and that anything can be art, and anyone can be an artist. Afterwards we than sang the transition song to washing hands before scrumptious morning tea which was Raw some Avocado Chocolate slice.

The children packed away their plates and drink bottles before setting foot around their classroom. The favourited activities the children chose were:

  • Racing the cars around on the car mat – Cameron and Macsen thoroughly enjoyed this.
  • Role-playing in-home corner and feeding the babies – Avery and Peyton loved this.
  • Building a bridge with the large wooden blocks – Jackson.C, Indi, Max, Adem and Noa worked so well together to achieve the result.

For the group experience today, we focused on “The dot” book. All children are artists, so it was time to create our own painting using different coloured water paint and starting with a little dot on the paper. This was so much fun, as we chatted to Miss Gabi, telling what beautiful create they did. 😊

For lunch time today we had a delicious moreish Italian mushroom, Ricotta, spinach lasagne served with a yummy self-select salad bar.

Now our little friends are listening to soft music and relaxing their little bodies and minds, charging their energies for another BIG PLAY in this afternoon.

with love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope