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Welcome to toddlers two day Kezia, Lachlan, Willow, Alanis, Quinn, Alexia, Luca, Dominic, Rania and Everly.  Here is a snapshot of what I got up to today.

Kezia’s highlight of today was dancing along to The Wiggles. She’s got all the cool dance moves down pack.


Lachlan was showing lots of care and compassion towards his friends today making sure they were ok.

Willow was exploring the path on the fire emergency track all the way along the story line to the finish.


Alanis could be found playing in the home corner with Alexia putting their babies down for a nice rest.

Quinn enjoyed a group cuddle and being affectionate to her friends that she is most likely going to miss very much.


Alexia can be seen playing in the home corner with her side kick Alanis attending to her babies needs.

Luca likes to show up on the group mat when the music is playing and come and have a dance.

Dominic was thoroughly enjoying himself keeping busy in the ‘jungle’ using imaginative play to explore.


Rania also spread her wings and captured the moment to enjoy a little boogy on the dance floor.

Everly – Miss Jade read Evelrys book she has brought in about toileting. Its a Wiggles singing book.

Thank you for such a lovely day, I’m so glad we got to enjoy all these special moments together.

Miss Steph and Miss Jade xx