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Hello Families and friends!!! 😊

Happy Wednesday and a SUPER welcome from toddlers two classroom!

What a magical day we`ve had around here this morning, our day has been filled with so much smiles, cuddles and fun play experience! Our day began with our toddlers friends having so much fun in the outside area, they enjoyed riding the bikes around the yard, taking turns on the slide, playing with the balls, drawing with Miss Alice, playing in the sandpit and much more!!!

We all had an amazing experience outdoors before we knew it, it was time to get ready to go inside and get already for our morning routines.
Before group time Miss Gabi had a BIG SUPRISE for our friends – She had a idea to make another board with colourful pipes where our friends can play with place little balls inside the tubes and watch the balls go all the way down. And guess what? THE TODDLERS FRIENDS LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! ♥ They spent so much time enjoying the game, putting the balls inside the pipes and then watching it go down. We also, extended the play by asking the kids about what colour are the pipes and the balls. They had a amazing engagement in the activity! ♥

After this amazing play it was time we all sat down on the mat for our story time, continuing our focus on ” The three little pigs tales” Miss Gabi used the flash cards to tell the story to our friends today – the children had a massive amount of participation in the story time, guessing the meaning of the cards, and pretending they were the BIG BAD WOOF, helping them to blow the houses down, this was so much fun! 😊 Once the story had finished it was time for singing our favourite nursery rhyme songs and smooth transition to washing our hands and morning tea time.

For morning tea time we had a delicious Organic fruit Toast and delicious triple berry coconut Jelly, served with fresh fruits. – We couldn’t be MORE PROUND of our friends about the self serve in our meal time – they are doing a GREAT job – listening the instructions and every day been open to try some new food! ♥

After morning tea we decided to continue exploring our amazing classroom- looking for they self select toys and games they enjoyed engaging in:

♥ Construction with wooden blocks – Our friends let their imagination flow and enjoying to build houses with the wooden blocks then trying to blow it way!
♥ Building with magnetics – They had a great fun time using the magnetics to build towers and houses and after smashed it!
♥ Reading book and relaxing in the group mat with their educator.

In the end of the morning we decided to extended the interests in the ” Three little pigs” and doing a group physical activity in the playground. The children could go hunt the BIG BAD WOOF and the THREE LITTLE PIGS that was hiding around the yard! Was so fun, our friends did beautiful waiting and listening to the instructions before the experience started and after that they were so brave looking for the book characters around the playground!! WOOOW what a busy FUN MORNING we had around here!!! ♥

For lunch time we had another delicious and nutritive meal Sticky Thai Sesame Vegan and Chicken Meatballs served with a delicious salad bar – The children are LOVING self-serving which is great to see!

Check out the ALBUM PHOTO that is placed in the reception when you guys came to pick up your child! ♥

With so much Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Maddi