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Hello families,

We hope you’re all having a safe and enjoyable Wednesday!

We started our day with some free-play outside! The children love to explore and be free with their friends. They drew on the chalkboards, rode their bikes, ran around and climbed the playground equipment! Their time amongst our outdoor yard was very enjoyable on this Wednesday morning 🙂

Soon after making the transition inside our room, we re-energized our bodies with some morning tea! We then engaged in some group time with Miss Thais. Today, we read a book called ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?’ The story allowed the children to explore their imagination and be captivated by the different coloured animals! They love learning more about different colours as well as fun animals 🙂 We also participated in our daily group song and welcomed each other and a new teacher Miss Tatyana to the room for today.

After group time, Miss Thais prepared a little activity for our friends to participate in, which follows this week’s topic of Body Parts. We got to be involved in putting together a big skeleton puzzle! The children loved this activity as Miss Tatyana talked about each body part, where it might go and where we can find that body part on our little bodies 🙂 They did an awesome job!

The children then got to enjoy some inside-play and table activities! This is a great way for the educators to observe how they all interact and play with one another, what their interests may be and how they might manage and solve situations. Following that, it was time for some yummy lunch and we then rested our little bodies ready for the rest of our day!

We hope your Wednesday has been so far positive and we look forward to what the remainder of this week has to offer 🙂

Kind regards,

Miss Thais and Miss Tatyana.