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Good afternoon friends and family!

This morning we welcomed our friends, Lachlan, Isla, Rania, Alanis, Tua, Nikora, Nayla, Kezia, Zahra, Abel, Onyx, and Millie into the yard. Our friends showed a lot of interest in the swing, they were all enjoying sitting together and singer ‘higher, higher!”  After free play, we all sat down together outside and read “Secret Santa” and sung ‘Hello How are You’ and ‘Bee, Bee, Bumble Bee’ to transition inside to wash hands and have morning tea!

After morning tea, we read another book called, ‘Follow that Tiger’ it’s Lachie’s favorite book! Then, for activity time we split our friends into three groups; they had the opportunity to choose to stay inside with Miss Thais and Maddi or go outside with Miss Bec. Outside, our friends played with ribbon streamers and animal puppets. The streamers help encourage creativity within dance and allows them to move freely within an open area. Inside, we looked at our box of farm animals, we talked about what each animal was, what they eat, and what sounds they make, our friends were so engaged and listening so well! Some of our friends continued making Christmas cards with Miss Thais.

After busy play, we washed our hands and sat down together for lunch and rest and will be ready for more play this afternoon!

Have a look in your child’s bag for an invitation for our Christmas party.

Much love; Miss Maddi, Thais and Bec xx