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Hello Families and Friends!
A warm welcome from toddlers2 classroom. Today we welcomed: Avery, Adem, Jackson B, Indi, Jackson C, Mathias, Cameron, Edward, Leiana, Oliver, Peyton, Macsen, Max and Noa.

Our friends were so excited and happy to play and explore all the environments today!
Our day began with our friends having so much fun in the playground- The sandpit was the most popular spot – they were sharing the sand toys, filling the trucks with sand, helping each other make sand cakes and singing happy birthday. – Noa said: “I made a cup of green tea“ showing her teacher a cup full of sand!  They also enjoyed  riding bikes around the yard, playing hide and seek in the little trees, pushing trucks, swinging on the swing, ball games, wood blocks and much more.

It was amazing observing our friends playing together and enjoying each others company. The time passes so fast when we are having fun then it is time to pack away the playground and started our morning routine.

For our group time today Miss Hope did the acknowledgement of the country with our friends and happily they repeated it after her: “Here is the land. Here is the sky. Here are my friends and here am I. Well done friends.

For morning tea today we had a yummy Happily Morning Breakfast pizza served with seasonal fresh fruits and cocolicious yogurt.

After morning tea we decided to explore  inside, the children then had the opportunity to explore around and search for their self- interest play – they enjoyed construction with colorful blocks, using their imagination as they pretended they were cooking in home corner, playing with the babies, and car site.
For our group experience today, we had two tables set up – One with collage and another one with paint. They happily made their way to one of the tables.
On the collage we used the paint bush to spread glue on the paper, then placed the small pieces of yellow paper on top it. Indi and Jackson demonstrated their ability to engage in the experience for a long period of time, sticking one by one-piece onto their paper until they decided it was complete 😊
On another table the children used red and black paint to paint a big piece of fabric. It was amazing to see how they particularly enjoyed exploring this different form of art medium to paint on.
These two art experiences today are a part of a big project we are working on together.

For lunch time today we had another delicious meal: Deconstructed sushi bowl with sweet sesame sauce served with delicious salad bar.

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play outside in the afternoon!

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Miss Gabi,