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Sunshine Wednesday♥

It was a wonderful Wednesday here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre with your Toddler Two superstars

As the children arrived they cruised on outside to take foot around the playground in search of their great outdoor adventures. The balance bikes are always a hit as the children are becoming so confident on them as they zoom around the bike track, they are also showing how great they can share too as their friends patiently wait for their turn. Swinging through the breeze is always fun and relaxing for our friends as they laugh with glee, saying ”Higher Higher”. A lot of joy was had outside this morning with their friends and teachers.

Where does the time go when having FUN right? As the children made there way inside as they came together on the mat. Miss Gabi began group time by saying A BIG GOOD MORNING to all our friends. Miss Gabi then explained to the children the activity she had planned on the mat and what they had to do. The children were able to come up to the table to grab something before placing it down in the right categories, they all did a MARVELOUS job as Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope were all so PROUD of how clever they ALL are!

It was then time to sing the transition song to wash hands before we sat up at the table to self serve ourselves for morning tea which was Organic Fruit Toast and delicious Triple Berry Coconut Jelly. We are so HAPPY with how CONFIDENT the children are with using tongs to self serve what they want and to be able to do it by themselves, we LOVE allowing the children to learn how to do such things as it helps enhances their self help skills, allows them to try new things and it helps builds their self esteem and pride in independence. When the children packed away we started to get ready to head out into the slide playground.

As we came into the yard they helped make a obstacle course with Miss Jess. Miss Hope then set up playdough in the black tray with playdough equipment and another station on the picnic table where Miss Hope was face painting. They had a blast outside, exploring, climbing up and down the obstacle course and squishing, rolling the playdough too.

Lunch time was coming around fast, so we came through the bathroom to wash our hands before sitting at the table to again use our tongs to self serve which was  Sticky Thai Vegie Balls and Sesame Noodle Salad – Chicken version as well. When they had finished filling their tummies up they headed to their beds to recharge before this afternoons journey.

P.S – The photos are WORKING AGAIN YAY!! We are able to upload 8 photos, more group pictures ♥

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx