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Hello families and friends!!

 We started our morning in the great outdoor. Willow went straight to the door in the Room and said “Outside, outside” and then Miss Thais took all the Toddler friends outdoor to explore the playground. Lachlan and Willow were being an explorer and showing us how they could take care of the plants. Willow also found a flower and Miss Thais asked her to smell it. Lachlan was focused on watering the plants. He could fill the watering can by himself and also helped his friends. Later in the morning when Kezia arrived was time for our morning tea. We decided to have our morning tea today as “picnic” outdoor, because our friends were very engaged there. We had fruits to freshen up our day!

 Kezia showed to us how kind she was with her new friend Poppy from Toddler One. She offered her drink bottle during the morning tea and shared with her affection.

 For our Group time story today we chose “Brown bear, Brown bear, What do you see?” which we all listened to as Miss Thais read it to us as we sat on the verandah in the shade ….

 We keep focusing on colours, so Miss Thais asked them to choose an animal from the Book to coloring. Lachlan wanted the “black sheep”, Kezia choose the “yellow duck” and Willow the “green frog”. So after the story our friends could make their own coloring.

 One of the biggest reasons coloring is important at this age is because it helps develop hand strength… Hand strength is important for all hand-related fine motor skillS.

 We all had a great play outside this morning with our friends from Toddler One!

 After all this fun and active play we were very ready for our lunch.  We enjoyed our pizza and vegetables with salad before we all went so quickly to sleep to recharge our batteries.

 In the afternoon we had more outside play with sand, balls and bikes.

We’ve had a great day together.

Thanks friends!

Love Miss Thais