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What a busy day of learning we had today in the toddlers two room with Miss Shelby and Miss Steph, today we say a big hello to our friends Luca, Quinn, Poppy, Dominic, Kezia, Lachlan, Alexia, Rania, Willow and Alanis.

We started our day playing outside with our toddler one friends. when Miss Shelby arrived she set up a large container of water and added some plastic cups from our home-corner area and some recycling yogurt containers. our friends Alanis, Quinn, Dominic, Lachlan and Luca were so excited to play with the water. Miss Lyn set up a painting activity using a easel board and make some water paint spray bottles, with some help Poppy had a turn at spraying the red paint onto the paper and Luca did a great job at doing it all by himself. Poppy, Lachlan and Kezia showed us how cleaver they going down the slide by themselves, Willow was busy climbing along the climbing ladder and Quinn and Rania were playing with Miss Thais where she was helping them to climb on the climbing ladder.


We then had some yummy morning tea before joining together on the mat for a story Miss Steph brought into share, while reading the story it was beautiful listening to our friends use to words with Lachlan saying ”oh no, don’t” and Quinn saying ”don’t” just like it said in the book. Alexia started singing ”row, row, row your boat so we then sang the song with Kezia loving holding onto Miss Steph’s hands and Luca and Lachlan screaming when we sang if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream”.

Miss Shelby then stayed inside with a small group of children while Miss Steph took a small group of children out to play, while inside Miss Shelby set up some yellow water paint and sponge paint brushes for the children to paint some chickens as we are learning about the life cycle of a egg and how eggs can turn into chickens when they are ready. Alanis used her words to say ” want that ”when she wanted the sponge brush and look” to show Miss Shelby what she had done.


While playing outside with Miss Steph the children were having fun going up and down on the sea-sore, climbing along the climbing net, going down the big slide,

Before lunch time Miss Shelby sang and did the actions to open shut them with the Quinn, Willoow and Luca were copying the actions and we also danced to the wiggles song ” rock a bye a bear” with Everly and Kezia both saying ”shh shh” when we sang bear’s now a sleep ”shh shh”.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph