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Hello families,

We combined with our friends from Toddlers One this morning. Our day started with some Outdoor play. The children asked for “We are going on a dragon hunt” and then all the children were following Miss Thais around the playground listened to the song and instructions/ directions.

Our group time today was with Miss Gaby, she helped our friends to create some butterflies with pegs and felt paper. Was a good fine motor activity- Kezia and Rania showed good skills while were carefully placing the pegs. We also played with sensory playdough play using the rollers, shapes cutters and scissors.

sensory playdough play using the rollers and shape cutters

We all had a great play outside this morning with our friends from Toddlers One. Kezia was making everyone play peekaboo with her. We had some dancing on the mat where we stretched and danced to The Locomotion, sleeping bunnies, the alphabet freeze song,  as well as doing some push ups.

After all this fun and active play we were very ready for our lunch.  We enjoyed our fish today before we all went so quickly to sleep to recharge our batteries.

Love Miss Thais