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Happy Wednesday everyone. we hope your all having a wonderful week so far. Today we say a big welcome to our new friend Chanel and her family as well as Luca, Alanis, Dominic, Everly, Lachlan, Kezia, Willow and Rania.

We came inside for some yummy fruit and cake for morning tea, while eating their morning tea Luca and Kezia used their words to ask for more food saying ” more” and Chanel said ”water” when she wanted her water bottle.

Today we continued with the focus of transport, after morning tea the children joined Miss Shelby to sing and do the actions to wheels on the bus, Miss Shelby also taught the children a new song today twinkle twinkle littler daddy drives a motor car and while singing the song Dominic, Lachlan, Alanis, Luca and Chanel put their hands up in the air.

We then brought in some dump trucks and bikes inside , Miss Shelby created a road out of masking tape for the children to ride around on and move the cars along the road which many of our friends were engaging in. Miss Shelby also brought in some cars which move along the ground when you push them down and a wooden bus sorter where Willow, Alanis and Chanel were exploring the wholes on the bus to figure out how to put the people in the wholes.

While riding the bikes around the room Miss Shelby was teaching the children to stop and go, Lachlan responded by coping Miss Shelby putting his hand up and saying ”stop”. Miss Steph decided to make some traffic signs which the children enjoyed helping to paint the stop sign with red paint, the go sign with green paint and the slow down sign with yellow paint. While waiting for her turn Rania said to Miss Steph ” can i do painting” Everly and Alanis used their hands to show us how can they can say stop.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph