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Good afternoon families,

Today we started our morning playing and exploring our Toddlers One friends. Willow and Kezia enjoyed the doll’s house and Lachlan and Rania choose to play with dinosaurs and magnetics. Later in the morning, we decided to put our hats on and have a free play outside.

We had some dancing with Miss Gaby, Miss Steph, and Miss Otavia. They love to shake their bodies and dancing along the yard. The also enjoying the sandpit today were they filled all the buckets and made some sand castle.

After a long play outside, we transitioned inside the Room, washed our hands and sat on the mat where we had group time with Miss Thais, and played with some new toys that Miss Thais got for us. The children LOVED the transport play with the Police and Fire stations. While they play they are able to explore their imagination, creativity, and also practicing motor skills. It’s so nice to see them playing together. Alanis and Kezia also enjoyed role-play in Home Corner.

After all this play and learning was time to fill our belly. We had fish today and we love it! Now we are resting our bodies for more fun and play during the afternoon.

I am looking forward to seeing some families this afternoon for our parent-educator meetings which is a good chance to view your child’s learning portfolio and collaborate with you to set some future goals for your little one!

Love Miss Thais