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Good afternoon families!

We have had a beautiful day today; we welcomed our friends  Alanis, Abel, Millie, Isla, Willow, Tua, Rania, Nikora, Kezia, Nayla, Onyx and Lachlan outside for free play. They enjoyed the obstacle course and water kitchen, especially this morning. Alanis played soccer with a few other friends from toddlers 1 and Lachlan had a turn too! Onyx, Tua and Nayla engaged in water play and helped water the garden using the watering cans.

We sat down Outdoor for our Group Time where we sang our morning song “Hello, how are you” and Miss Thais read to us the Book “Where the giant sleeps?” and talked about the moon and space with the children.

We then transitioned inside to wash our hands and sit at the table to eat some yoghurt, muesli and fruit!

Later in the morning for our activity and group time today, Miss Thais extended the moon space topic creating some space using the paper plates. The children loved to paint the paper plates and sticking the planets, sun and moon into the paper. They also use some glitter and sparkling stars.

Other activities that they enjoyed were playing with the balls, building with Lego and also helped to pack away the toys after play inside the room.

We went outside for more play before we get ready for lunch. We ate some chicken wrap with salad. The children love the experience to help themselves making their own wrap. Millie said “Yum avo (avocado)”. Onyx loved to eat pea and Lachlan was very curious to try it.

Love Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi