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Good afternoon friends and families,

This morning we welcomed Lachlan, Millie, Tua, Nayla, Nikora, Macsen, Kezia, Onyx, Kynell, Alanis, Abel, Isla, Rumi and Rania into the room where the children were intrigued with farm animal play. The children really enjoyed building fences, putting the animals in them and making each sound. They also enjoyed free play with the skeleton body parts and building blocks. We then sat down for group time where Miss Bec read us “Santa’s Surprise” and “The very itchy bear” before we sang “bee bee bumble bee and went and sat down for morning tea.

As part of our morning tea today, Onyx and his family brought in some beautifully decorated cupcakes for us to share as a room for Christmas. Thank you so much, we all loved the special treat!! After morning tea, we sang some songs for transitioning to different activities. Indoors, Miss Thais had set up a Christmas stocking art activity. Outdoors, Miss Bec and Maddi had conversations with the children about what they would like for Christmas whilst writing it down on their own Christmas Wishlist. Bikes, scooters, a lizard, puppies, lollies and planes were all mentioned! Maddi and Bec then took all the children down to the big yard while Miss Thais got the room set up for lunch. They love this change in environment and we were lucky the weather was a little cooler today. We then sat down and had a big drink before transitioning indoors for lunch.

We have had a really good day, not too long til Christmas YAY!

Love, Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi xx