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Hello to all of our beautiful families and welcome to another day of fun filled play. This morning the children had a wonderful time engaging in a variety  of play experiences in the outdoor environment. The children were given the opportunity to negotiate and identify roles during baby doll play, share picture books on the pillows with peers, sing some of their favourite rhymes and songs while playing the multicultural musical instruments, build a castle with the large building blocks and practice their gross motor skills having races through the tunnel. The children were so busy and well and truly ready to transition indoors for our morning group time and morning tea. Play time today the children engaged  in pair and small group play with their friends. Asher, Zander and Harley worked together to build a farm with the poly M blocks. Ivy and Ryan worked along side each other to build a track for the magnetic trains. Kyro, Ellie and Kaylee spent some quiet time reading books on the pillows. William, Ivy and Harry spent time playing make believe, cooking dinner in home corner and Harvey pretended to go searching for animals with his binoculars. The children were also given the opportunity to express their creativity as they painted beautiful pictures with the water colours and thin brushes -which the children are very excited to display in the room for their mums and dads to see.  WOW… What a super busy day in the Toddler room today..

Love Miss Leesa, Miss Jess and Miss Jordan…

Apologies for the lack of photos today, we are experiencing some technical difficulties.