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Good Afternoon everyone,

Today we welcomed Nayla, Aria, Rosie, Delilah, Orion, Abraham, Ava, Abel, Ivy and Brayden.

We started our day today outside where our friends enjoyed spontaneous play outside exploring the sand pit, riding the bikes around the bike track and sitting together on the bridge. After our play outside, we all sat together for our group time where Miss Thais sang us some songs before transitioning inside for some yummy morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss Maddi had set up a fun activity for us to do with blue glitter playdough and sticking glitter stars as today is International Day of Human Space Flight. The children really enjoyed this activity and engaged well and loved helping Miss Thais and Miss Jordan clean up afterwards.

After our activity, we decided to head outside for another play and let out all our energy before all coming in together to read some stories before transitioning inside to wash out hands for some lunch.

We are now resting our bodies ready for a fun afternoon outside.

Love from Miss Thais, Maddi and Jordan.