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Good afternoon Senior Kindy families, what a busy and fun-filled day we have had today, today we celebrated Aliah’s birthday with some cupcakes which we all helped each other make to have for afternoon tea. The children enjoyed aiding each other with compiling the ingredients all together. Thankyou to Aliah and her family for bringing in the cupcake mixes for us and we hope you have a really lovely birthday tomorrow.

As it is science week all this week we decided to create a science experiment which we used some bicarbonate soda, vinegar and food colouring. The vinegar was mixed with the food colouring to create a variety of colours for the children to choose from. The children used some eye droppers and dipping them into the coloured vinegar, the children then dropped the coloured vinegar into the bicarb soda and watched as the two ingredients reacted as they mixed together creating some fizzing and bubbles. The children were very fascinated with this experience as they explored different textures, smells and developed on their cognitive development as they figured out what happens when the two ingredients reacted when they were mixed together.

We will see you all again tomorrow for some more science filled activities to explore. Love Miss Alicia, Miss Bec and Miss Aliyah xx