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This week we are focussing on our hand hygiene, as we have been noticing that the children are needing a few reminders about when we need to wash our hands. During the course of the week we will be exploring how we can keep ourselves healthy, through washing our hands properly and discussing when we need to be washing our hands. We started with a group discussion surrounding the question When do we need to wash our hands?.  The children had some great responses that we need to wash our hands after we have been to the toilet, after playing and before we eat something. They also shared their ideas of why we need to wash hands. Here are some of their replies, “Because we have germs on them”, “Cause we have germs on them”, “Because they are dirty.” We also sang our new washing hands song which tells us how to wash our hands, and when we need to wash them.

Today the children had a variety of fun new experiences to engage, experiment and explore with along with some others to revisit. Here is what we got up too.

Scratch and sniff painting. Today the children had the opportunity to express their creativity and use their imagination using jelly paint, to create works of art. As the children painted their pictures, we talked about what the paint smelt like and looked like. The children commented that their pictures smelt like gummy bears, and gummy worms. Once there pictures are dry I will encourage the children to scratch their pictures and sniff them again to see if they still smell and what they smell like. Through engaging in this experience the children will have the opportunity to use descriptive language to describe textures, materials and actions. Use hand/eye coordination skills and demonstrate spatial awareness ,Use their senses to assist and guide learning.  strengthen fine motor muscles and control. Express themselves creatively while investigating and experimenting. Create with different mediums and textures, • Identify, name and mix colours.

Can you make a name mosaic? Continuing on with engaging with name recognition activities. This morning the children had the opportunity to create their name using small square of paper. Here the children traced over top of their letters using the paintbrush with glue and then individually stuck on the coloured squares. This experience provided the children with the opportunity to practice their letter formations, and recognising individual letters.

  For the children who were not here yesterday, today I introduced our new take home buddy. At the end of each week one child who has been working really hard will have the opportunity to take our special friend home for the weekend and document the adventures that they go on together. Over the week we will brainstorming ideas of what we are going to call him. Today the children came up with some more great names such as Victor, Fred,, Hungry Jack, Tinkerbells and Hippopotamus.

Who can build the tallest tower? As some of the children have been showing an interest in construction. Today the children were introduced to building with a different medium, using plastic cups, cardboard and paper. Through this experience the children will have the opportunity to problem solve, persevere with challenges, explore cause and effect, explore and engage with numeracy through counting, exploring height and incorporating mathematical language such as bigger, smaller, taller, balancing and exploring weight. I loved watching the children create their towers and incorporating some wonderful mathematical and construction language that was modelled to them as they talked about their structures collapsing, “mine balanced”, “Mine is going to be the tallest.” Tomorrow the children will have the opportunity to revisit this experience once again. At group time this afternoon we will talk about what other materials the children might like to do.

During quiet activity time this afternoon the children will have the opportunity to revisit the tallest tower experience, along with play dough exploration with rolling pins and coloured stones, drawing and construction with small connecting blocks.

We also had some wonderful child initiated spontaneous play occurring in the room today here are some wonderful photos from their play.

See you all this afternoon

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah