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Good Afternoon Parents and friends!!!

Happy Friday! 

One more week at Vacation Care has finished, and WOW – what an exciting program we had! All the children that attended had a blast participating in all the activities and excursions that were on offer.

Today we welcomed in our team Austin, Taylah, Hamilton, Keyahlee, Elliott, Tyler, Harper, Wolfy, Emily, Matthew, and Noah.  

This morning we went on an adventure to Gambamora Park. It was located 10 minutes walking down the road. The Children walked lined up and safe in both ways to the park, they had very good behavior, listened and followed all the instructions very well, you should all be so proud.  At the park, the students enjoyed using the Park facilities and also had the opportunity to play ball sports at the park. They played in the playground, played soccer and basketball. It was a very enjoyable morning. 

We will have unwild arvo. We are planning to chill out having a weird science group experiment when we will make slime.  The children can enjoy making it and also they can take it home. They are forward waiting for this experience.  

The children also enjoyed exploring and engaging with these activities coloring, imaginative play, board games, jewelry making, Lego,  creating at their art table, reading and much more.

Check out the photos!!! 

I’m feeling so grateful leader this beautiful group, Thank you, parents and friends, for all the support and also the excursion permission. 

I wish you all a beautiful weekend!!! 

With Love 

Miss Gabi