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Happy Monday Family & Friends!!

We welcomed in our Vacation Care team today Jacob, Taylah, Elliott, Angelina, Graysen, Bobby, Mila, Parker, Isabelle, Kaitlyn, Maddison, Harper, Wolfy, Emily, Matthew, and Noah.  

Also, welcomed a new staff member to the Vacation Care group Mister Donavan, you are very welcome to this team and thank you very much for your help today and we are looking forward to seeing you again Wednesday. 

Unfortunately, The Reptile Kingdom has some issues and didn’t come for their presentation that was planned for this morning however the incursion had been booked for the next Wednesday morning. 

Then we explored this morning Monday in a creativity day that the children used their imaginations and inventiveness to create. We used this free morning to work out in the new “classroom rules” too. We had an important conversation at group time about what rules we should create and also how is the better way to follow it.  The children participated in collaborate to make the new Classroom rules Poster. It was a wonderful teamwork. 

We will fill the rest of the day with a Carnivale afternoon. The children will enjoy a loud, fun and colorful afternoon dancing, doing craft activities and learning a little bit more about Carnivale culture. 

The children also enjoyed exploring and engaging with these activities coloring, imaginative play, board games, clay, slime,  creating, reading and much more.

It has been great to see some of the older children assisting the younger students at the Vacation care classroom, you guys are amazing and I love to lead this team. 

Check out the photos!!! 

With Love

Miss Gabi 🙂