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Happy Wednesday Families and Friends. 

What a super fun day of learning and play in the Vacation Care room today. We welcome our friends Austin, Jacob, Hamilton, Elliott, Bobby, Parker, Harper, Emily, Matthew, and Noah. 

Wooooow we had one of the most exciting days so far around here today. This morning we had a visit to Luke’s reptile Kingdom. Miss Ali, one of the team members was the manager of the show. In the presentation the children explore their senses seeing, hearing and touching seven different species of reptiles were Blue Tongue Lizard, Tiliqua rugosa Lizard, Dragon Lizard from central Australia, torture, two different types of snakes and a saltwater baby crocodile. Miss Ali was explaining what the animals eat, where they live and curiosities about each one. Also, the children create a lasting memory of being up close to Australia’s wildlife. It was a wonderful learning experience. At the end of the show, Ali told us about the snake safety bite first aid. 

When the presentation has finished, we had a group time when each student had the opportunity to speak about what one was your favorite reptile/ or favorite part of the show. The highlight of the show for the children was trying to carry the big snack, the blue tongue lizard and the baby crocodile. 

We continue exploring the children’s interest in reptiles through a craft activity. The kids were invited to enjoy the table with a Lizard – bubble wrap paint, or make your own reptile at the clay table, or use scissors to practice cutting snake spiral. What creative and imaginative learners the children were being as they created their individual pieces with cutting, painting and sensory play with clay.

We will have an unwild arvo when the children will make a little “Toy party”. They will show us their toys and talking about what toy they bring and also share their favorite games with their friends. The children also enjoyed exploring and engaging with these activities coloring, imaginative play, paint, board games, reading and much more.

Check out the photos from today!   

With Love

Miss Gabi