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Happy Tuesday Families & Friends

Today at our Vacation Care team we welcome Austin, Jacob, Hamilton, Elliott, Graysen, Billy, Parker, Harper, Ariah, Wolfy and Noah 

What an amazing excursion today.
We went to Bunnings in Oxenford this morning to participated at the children MarterClass. The bunnings team had organized a special workshop for us Miss Brooke (one of the Bunnings Team) was waiting for us with a very nice table set up with colorful textas and special stickers. Miss Brooke then talked to us about what we were going to build a little box with natural wood sticks. The children then eagerly set to work decorating their individual masterpieces. What creative and imaginative learners the children.  

Once the children finished drawing and decorating our wood box they had free playtime at Bunnings playground. 

We couldn’t have been more proud of the children as they listened and followed instructions very well, you should all be so proud.So thank you, friends, for this morning and also Mister Oskar to go with us and a big for all Bunnings Team, you guys have been so nice to us. 

We are planning to have a relaxing in nhammy arvo. We will make delicious fruit and gluten free yogurt  smoothie. The children are so excited waiting for it. 

They also enjoyed the play-based experiences as a: coloring, imaginative play, clay,  jewellery making, Lego, board games, creating at their art table, reading and much more. 

Check out the photos!!!!

With Love

Miss Gabi