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Hello Parents and Friends 🙂 Happy Sunny Tuesday

Today we welcome in our team Austin, Ariana, Sophia, Graysen, Violet, Harper, Hamilton, Isabelle, Kaitlyn, Maddison, and Korbin.

With big movements and a lot of running – jumping – kicking and throwing balls, we started our SPORTS DAY today. The children absolutely loved physical activities and this morning was filled with volleyball practice – soccer training and also,  run faster as you can in “stuck in the mud” and TAG games.

Before lunchtime, we packed away the sports staff outside and then we came inside for our group time. With all pandemic has been happening in the world, today we decided to make posters with positive messages about the coronavirus. Miss Gabi set up three tables with colorful texters, paper, and painting and then divided the children into three small groups to work out together in their posters. The children had the creative freedom to construct whatever the minds imagined about the topic. 

  • Ariana, Violet, Hamilton and  Isabelle – Decided to show up the precautions from the virus and also wrote a mensagem “ You don’t need to be scared, be brave”  🙂 
  • Korbin, Kaitlyn, Harper, and Austin – chosen to write on each participant’s idea and after fill in the poster with drawings the world and the virus. 
  • Sophia, Maddison, and Graysen – Made in big letter  “GO WAY coronavirus”  

The children get so involved in this activity and it was absolutely great to see the older children assisting the younger students with their written skills and also enjoying this group time together. 🙂 

The posters are exposed in front of the vacation care classroom so come over and have a look in this beautiful art group.

We are planning for this sunny afternoon to keep burning energy outside doing sports and also starting to work out in EASTER craft and arts.

Check out the photos!!!

With Love,
Miss Gabi