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Good afternoon to our lovely friends and family and happy Monday!

On our agenda today was Mister Maker day where we explored different arts and craft activities. After our morning tea, Miss Jade set up our different craft activities. These were paper lanterns, and string jelly fish. Some children decorated their paper and then cut out their lanterns, while the others punched holes in their semi circle paper and thread the string to hand down as the tentacles.

After this we went for a big play on the toddlers adventure playground and the children enjoyed the swing, whilst some of the boys played a Star Wars Mandalorian imagination game, running across the bridges and up and down the play ground. We then had falafel wraps for lunch.

After lunch we did one more craft activity making different objects and animals out of our hand cut outs and decorating them with pens and pencils. A few of the girls loved making unicorns and butterflies from their hand prints.

We then finished the afternoon with a great energy exert of some Just Dance songs. The children loved dancing together to some of their favourite songs.

Thanks for the great day vacation care!

Miss Jade 🙂