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Hello Hello, Families & Friends!!

Sweet Thursday everybody with a lot of smiles and chocolates! 

Hop Hop little bunnies! 

Today we welcome in our group – Austin, Arianna, Sophia, Taylah, Hamilton, Harper, and Bentlee.  

The day began with a lot of colors, glitter on Miss TJ – face painting state. She made a “menu” with three different and beautiful design options – little chicks –  easter egg and bunny faces. The children could pick one of the styles and had it drawn in their arms or faces.
In our craft and art Oficina this morning the children let all their creative blossom, designing easter bags for waiting the Easter Bunny and also making bunnies ears. 🙂
In our group time today, we had a Cook class – Miss Gabi melted very nhammy chocolate and with her help, the children pop it in a trail making different sizes and shapes of easter chocolate egg!!

After lunchtime the children had a relaxing time with the kindergarten classroom watching the movie HOP – that talks about a Rabbit that doesn’t want to be an Easter Bunny! 

This afternoon we are planning our “The Easter egg hunt – Event” t!! The children will explore the gardens to find the many hidden eggs!! It will be so FUN!!! 🙂 The children are thrilled to join in the celebration as it’s easy to be excited when chocolate is involved.

The rest of the afternoon will be spent decorating wood – natural art – Easter egg shapes. 

Check out the photos!

Enjoy your long weekend, and please stay healthy and safe.

“Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope – renewal – and new life.
 I wish all of you guys a very HAPPY EASTER” 

With Love

Miss Gabi