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Hello Parents and Friends 🙂 Happy Tuesday

Today we welcome in our team  Austin, Harper, Isabelle, Maddison, Kaytlen, Sophia, Arianna, Bentlle, Jacob and Taylah. 

The last week of Vacation Care is almost over and WOW  – what an exciting program we had! All the children that attended had a blast participating in all the activities.
What a beautiful learning and playtime we had today! With the warm weather, we enjoyed most of the morning outside. Thursday has been the very creativity day that the children used their imaginations and inventiveness to create! The highlights of the day were science experiments and also craft activity.
In the first experiment of the day, Miss Gabi set up a table with wood sticks and little lollies and each child was encouraged to create something with these materials. After they made the first shapes Miss Gabi asked everybody to undo it and make it again in a different shape. Then started to show up house shapes – triangle – rooftop – and also funny no identify the shape. This activity was sensory-based skills development and also helped the children with problem-solving resolution and social interaction skills when they shared all the same materials. 

This experience was extended for a science experiment – The children were curious about how to make water turn in a different color so than Arianna had the idea to take the little colorful stickers and pop it in the water for check what happens – if the water turns a different color and also if the sticks could lose the color. –  Not bad at all, a water play with this sunny day – then Miss Gabi helped set up the material and let the children discover what’s going to happen with the little stick in the water. What a mess they absolutely loved the water experiment.

Also, the children asked for craft activity – so, at the end of the morning, Miss Gabi decided to keep the mess experience and set up a table with different colors of paint with shave cream and let the students create and draw with it. At the end of the activity, most of the students decide to pass shave cream in their hands to experience the sensation of it. 🙂

The children loved the process of creating this morning!! 

We are planning to enjoy the rest of the day working out in different science experiments and also let some energy burn in the playground in this beautiful sunny arvo!!! 

I would like to thank all the children/families that attended these school holidays, it was so much fun and fabulous to see so many children really enjoying their school holiday break.

Check out the photos!!!!

With a lot of love

Miss Gabi