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Good afternoon families and friends. Today our friends Oliver, Harper, Taylah, Bobby and Parker came dressed as their favourite super heroes. Our activities about superheroes were, making super hero masks that the children wished to take home to finish. Then children engaged in  making frozen banana pops for our little party this afternoon, everyone enjoyed dipping their pieces of banana in the melted chocolate and couldn’t wait until it was time to eat them. Creating our very own pizza for lunch was so much fun, Parker, Jacob, Austin, Arianna, decided the fun thing about making pizza was spreading the tomato paste over the base. Sophia, Bobby, Harper, Oliver and Taylah said they thought putting lots of cheese on top was the best part, but of course everyone agreed eating it was the super best part! Other things we have enjoyed today are, the Lego train set, Goo play, and we were super excited to create some bubble wrap artwork this afternoon. See you all tomorrow for our Pyjama & movie day! Have a lovely night.

Love from Miss Lyn & The Schoolies 😊😊💖