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Hello Parents & Friends – Happy Tuesday 🙂

Today we welcome in our group Austin, Arianna, Sophia, Jacob, Korbin, Violet, Graysen, Isabelle, Kaitlyn, Maddison, and Harper.
Using colored paper, text, pencil, glue and all their creativity we encourage the students this morning to write a personal message for someone they have been missing. It was great to see the children’s personalities in each letter. Someone wrote letters from nana and papa, other letters from friends from the school.  Through this activity, the children learned that it is fun to express their emotions and in a creative way.
Also this morning we had our first cook class – Miss Gabi set up a table with yummy ingredients as a Pizza base – Ham – cheese – tomato sauce – chicken and corn. Each child had the opportunity to make their own pizza for lunch. What a yummy morning!!! They absolutely love to be a “Master Chef” for one day.
The children also enjoyed exploring and engaging with these activities coloring, imaginative play, games,  creating at their art table, reading and much more.
They will spend the rest of the afternoon outside enjoying the sunshine.
Children will play in the sandpit, ball games or are happy to engage in free play. 

Check out the photos

With Love
Miss Gabi