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Hello Parents & Friends!!! Happy Wednesday 🙂

Today we welcome in your group Austin – Violet – Graysen – Harper, and Korbin.

Trump – Dum – Bum with a lot of different noises and songs we started the day today making musical instruments.
Miss Gabi set up a nice table with colorful paint and pencils and each child had the opportunity to design their own musical instrument. And after we tested it and checked what song each instrument makes.
With all the paintings set up in the table, the activity was extended for free painting. The children have been loved, letting imagination pop and drawing nice pictures with paint.
We also enjoyed the nice sunny day playing outside. We had a “bath” in some toys and they had a lot of fun with water play in the warm sun.
We are planning to fill in this afternoon relaxing and let our mind fly away with a meditation and yoga time and after we will burn some energy with a talent show when they will be invited to perform in their special talent.

The children also explore and engage in this morning with these imaginative play, ball games,  swing, marble race track, reading books and much more.

Check out the photos!

With love
Miss Gabi