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Hello Hello, Families & Friends!!!! Happy Wednesday 🙂

Today we welcome in our group Violet, Greysen, Korbin, Austin, Harper, and Hamilton. 

We started the day with a group time everybody was setting in the mat and then each student stood up to show all our friends what game they brought today.

Graysen – bring a Soggy doggy game
Harper – Fishing world
Violet – Code Breaker
Hamilton- Pooh Board Game.

After the game presentation, we had a quick demonstration of how to play each game – Games such as those really help our friends to learn social skills such as turn-taking and cooperating, and also enhance each child’s problem-solving abilities. It is also a wonderful way to engage in the games.
Today also has been a creativity day that the children used their imaginations and inventiveness to design their own               T-SHIRTS! It is amazing to see how they particularly enjoyed this creative freedom special when they are allowed to draw in something different than paper.
Well Done friends your T-SHIRT is absolutely magnificent 🙂 

We will fill this afternoon with more group games and also free play at the playground.
And also the children are buzzing with excitement because we will have an early visit from EASTER BUNNY! 

Check out the photos!!!

With Love,

Miss Gabi