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Welcome families and friends to our wonderful Wednesday in Vacation Care! We’ve engaged in sensory play this morning. Being a lovely day we decided to make our goop outside. As they all gathered around the table, Jacob, Bentlee, Jordan, Entae, Graysen, Violet, Bobby, Parker & Oliver discussed how the goop would feel as they took turns mixing it. Once it was all mixed, they were quick to get their hands into the container and feel the goop with their fingers. Comments ranged from ‘its cold’, ‘it feels slimy’ to its goes hard, but when you lift it up it melts through your fingers.’ From goop we went to clay creations, where Austin enjoyed making snails & worms. The playdough station was also a hit. Parker told me he was making lots of cookies in different shapes, so this afternoon, to extend on his interest in shapes,  we are going to colour some butterflies made up of different shapes. Other things we enjoyed today were, free outdoor play, free colouring, reading and just chilling with our friends. Enjoy your evening & we look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Super Hero Day!
Love from Miss Lyn & The Schoolies 😊💖😊