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Good evening families and friends. We hope you have all had a lovely day. This morning after our acknowledgement to country and a chat, we transitioned to morning tea. Then it was time to start our Christmas craft – there was collage with Christmas pipe cleaners, painting with Christmas glitter paints and decorating silver foil Doilies. Also on offer was board games, mini blocks, the children asked if they could play cheese stack again, reading, as well as the favourite go to – Lego! Then we had some fun with the Christmas props as the children chose what they would like to use for this photos. While waiting for our lunch to arrive, I read the story Despicable Me 3, everyone enjoyed this book. This afternoon the children chose to engage in more games & not to make play dough ( we will revisit this tomorrow). Wishing you all a lovely evening.
Love From Miss Lyn & The Schoolies 😊💖😊