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Good afternoon to our wonderful families of Babies 2, we hope you have all had a great day so far! Unfortunately Miss Hansani was away but that is okay, Miss Crystal was very excited to be in the room instead today with Miss Tatiane. Today we welcomed Zeppelin, Oskar, Loki, Indi, Forrest and Tommy with lots of cuddles and smiles. We were joined with our friends from both Babies 1 and Babies 3 until Miss Shae started and then we split. While we were all together, we loved playing and exploring together and it was a great way to start our wet weather morning.

After morning tea, our friends came together with Miss Tatiane on the mat for some group time. We read a story together called, “The Very Hungry Caterpillars first 100 Words”. We particularly spent time on the ‘IN THE SKY’ page which had different pictures like rain, clouds, sun, stars and moon which seemed fitting to the weather we had been having all morning. Miss Crystal showed the friends the sun and said, “can you touch the sun?”. Indi really enjoyed touching the sun, she then went on to touch the moon when Miss Tatiane showed her where it was. Our friends loved reading the book so much that they went and found their own books and sat down in their own space on the mat to look at them. This is really good at encouraging the children to enjoy moments of solitude and engage in literacy based fun.

Moving on from group time, we had some fun having a dance party to some of our favourite songs, with the number 1 song being, ‘Baby Shark’. We got so excited and all stopped what we were doing so we could show off our best dance moves with Miss Crystal. While we were enjoying our dancing, Miss Tatiane was getting a super fun sensory based learning experience ready. The activity involved having colourful rice in a tub with some funnels, square tubs and tongs, this encouraged our friends to use their hands and fingers which is strengthening their fine motor skills. We loved tipping the rice out and making it look like rain into the tub. Forrest would cheer, “wahoo”, with Miss Crystal, while Oskar would feel it and say “wow”. Loki would pick up handfuls of the rice and feel it in his hand, really studying the texture of it. We spent a lot of our time exploring this sensory tub and playing with the rice before moving on to some play outside while it was sunny.

Outside, we were joined by Babies 1, our friends enjoyed exploring the yard. We particularly enjoyed practising our throwing skills with one of the small balls. We would try to throw them to Miss Crystal as big as we could. This child led interest was a fun one and a great way for our friends to strengthen their gross motor and develop their hand-eye coordination. We also had the small bridge outside today, our friends did really well being aware of their other friends and taking turns to cross over the bridge! Well done friends I am so proud!

For lunch today we had delicious Sticky Thai Vege Balls and Sesame Chicken Noodle Salad. Our friends absolutely loved the Vege balls and they were the favourite by far. They also enjoyed the pasta with it. At lunch time we continued practising our self help skills. Miss Crystal sat down with a small bowl of lunch with our friends and role modeled how to use the spoon. Our friends then attempted to do it themselves before each indicating to Miss Crystal to help them. Once they had a turn at putting food on their spoon and getting it all the way slowly to their mouths they all clapped for one another’s achievements.

While our older friends were sleeping our two friends Zeppelin and Tommy were awake for some play. We decided to do the rice activity with them as well while they were on their tummies. This was so good for building their neck strength while also exploring their sense of touch. Zeppelin and Tommy were intrigued with one another as well as they laid opposite each other looking at one another, there was lots of smiles.

Thank you for such a great day!

Lots of love, Miss Crystal and Miss Tatiane